Seven: The One Where Everyone Finds Out

Almost a month of being a couple and one would think the people closest to them should’ve known their relationship by now. Yet ironically, both decided to keep their relationship low key at the risk of stealing the soon-to-be-newlyweds‘ thunder. Besides, they were enjoying each other’s company minus the constant ribbing of their matchmaking friends.

That morning, Ha Jae Kyung woke up to the sound of her phone ringing incessantly. She did a quick handsweep of her side table before she found her mobile amidst her pile of books.

“Yeoboseyo?” she drawled to her phone’s speaker. She was too sleepy she never even bothered to check the caller ID.

“Good morning to you too,” the caller greeted. “Did I wake you up?”

She was snapped out of her reverie when she finally recognized the voice. “Woo Bin-shhi?”

“We were supposed to meet for breakfast, remember?” Woo Bin reminded her amusingly.

“Oh sh!t!” Jae Kyung scrambled out of bed as soon as her eyes darted towards the clock on her table. It was almost seven thirty. “I am so sorry. Where are you? Can I just catch up at the coffeeshop in five minutes?”

“Five?” he laughed upon hearing it. “No need. I’m on my way to pick you up.”

“But you live twenty minutes away from my place -”

“Look outside -” he said.

It was as if he apparated from nowhere. A casually-dressed Song Woo Bin waved to his girlfriend as he got out of the car. She waved back, and mentally chided herself for oversleeping. He took quick strides towards her unit that he was at her doorstep in five minutes tops. Jae Kyung thought he looked dapper even in a polo shirt and khaki pants; a far-cry from the usual business suits he’s garbed in lately.

“Alright, you win,” she said as she opened the door. “But don’t complain if you actually end up waiting for an hour while I get ready.”

“Sweetheart, you forgot that I actually have sisters,” he chuckled as she elbowed him playfully. “You go on and get ready. I can manage to make myself comfortable while I wait.”


Chu Ga Eul was starting to be a little suspicious. Something was up with Song Woo Bin and Ha Jae Kyung lately but she couldn’t quite figure it out. For starters, they’ve been spending an awful lot of time together eversince they patched things up after Jeju. She knew it was normal for friends to be close but whenever she would drop by the JK Group’s office after school for the past month, Jae Kyung was either in a meeting or currently out of the office. When she asked the secretary once regarding her boss’s whereabouts, she was told that a young man named Mr. Song came to take Ms. Ha out for dinner.

“Have you spoken to Woo Bin-sunbae lately?” Ga Eul asked Yi Jeong while they were on their way to the pre-school.

“Not since Monday,” So Yi Jeong answered. “He’s been quite busy with the MyungDok project since they started construction.”

“So he’s always out for meetings and stuff?”

“Yes -”

“Weird. Jae Kyung-unni‘s swamped with work as well.”

Yi Jeong merely laughed. “Ga Eul-yang, what’s wrong with that? Both are already handling their respective family companies. It’s normal for them to very busy these days.”

“You wouldn’t understand though -” she muttered to herself.

The conversation didn’t go any further as Yi Jeong pulled to a stop at the pre-school’s parking lot. Ga Eul absent-mindedly gathered her things and kissed her boyfriend goodbye. She then waved him off as the car maneuvered out of the lot, taking Yi Jeong to his studio.


It took Jae Kyung exactly an hour and fifteen minutes to get ready. Woo Bin was well into his second cup of coffee in between reading the Seoul Times when she came out dressed comfortably in a short sleeve crew neck shirt dress and a pair of Marc Jacobs’ peep toe ankle booties.

“Wow,” was all that he could mutter. He leaned over to give her a kiss.

“You’re not that bad either,” she answered, her lips meeting his. The liplock broke off after a minute when Jae Kyung asked…”But why the informal look? I thought Il Shin adhered to a strict dress code policy?”

“I’m visiting the MyungDok site today,” he explained. “The Chairman wants me to inspect its progress together with the lead architect.”

“Then I guess we’d better hurry then,” she said as she picked up her briefcase on the way out. “We don’t want you running late for your site inspection.”

He smiled mischievously. “I’m still the boss. They’ll wait -”

“But you don’t want your father knowing that attitude right?”

“Sometimes I wonder if I got myself a girlfriend or a second mother instead?”

Jae Kyung pinched his side playfully as they walked to his car. It was a quiet ride to the coffeeshop as she checked emails on her phone while he drove. Fate though, has a way of teasing those trying to be discreet. When they arrived at Starbucks, they were suprised to run into Yoon Ji Hoo who was on his way out just as they entered.

“Woo Bin-ya!” Ji Hoo called their attention.

Jae Kyung thought she would faint right on the spot when she saw him approaching.

“Hey man,” Woo Bin greeted his friend. He almost couldn’t think straight as Jae Kyung kept tugging his left sleeve nervously.

Ji Hoo had that knowing look. “I was just leaving,” he said. “Had to grab a bagel on my way to the Institute.” He was trying to get a feel of the situation but no one said anything. “Breakfast for two?” he asked.

Woo Bin launched into defense mode. “We ran into each other on the way here,” he reasoned out. “I invited her along so that I’d have some company.”

“Okay,” he nodded, sounding convinced.

“You’re welcome to join us, Ji Hoo-sshi.” Jae Kyung offered.

“It’s alright,” he begged off. “You two enjoy yourselves instead.”

The moment Ji Hoo was out of earshot, both heaved a sigh of relief. Their cover was almost blown and they weren’t ready yet.

“That was a close call -”

“Perhaps we should consider changing breakfast venues?”

“Good point,” Woo Bin said. “How long do you think we’ll be doing this whole hide-and-seek thing from them?”

“I’m not really sure,” Jae Kyung answered. “Until after the wedding, I suppose?”


It was almost eleven by the time Woo Bin reached the MyungDok construction site. The lead architect, Mr. Yeo, met up with him at the site office with a quick rundown of their agenda for the day. He then reviewed the latest blueprints regarding the revisions suggested by the Board of Investors. The mall needed to be technologically-advanced and environmentally friendly to please both sectors of society.

Across town, Jae Kyung was keeping herself busy with the Month-to-Date company reports sent for review by the Board of Directors. She was to attend her first stockholders’ meeting in two weeks and she needed to be prepared. The JK Group was doing well this year with several acquisitions overseas and are currently working on strengthening their operations in Seoul. The reports took up most of her time that when she decided to call it a day, she didn’t realize it was almost eight in the evening.


Fridays were guys’ nights out for the F4. No girlfriends or fiancees involved, just the four of them like the old times. Tonight they were at a club owned by a family friend of the Goo’s and a special room had been reserved for the group.

“It’s been a while, Goo Jun Pyo,” Yi Jeong said as he sank into the seat beside Woo Bin. This was the first time they had gathered together since Jun Pyo and Jan Di returned from California three weeks ago. “How was your trip?”

“You’d happy to know the date has been finalized,” Jun Pyo answered. “It’s two Saturdays from now and I expect all of you to be there.”

“Is that a threat?” Woo Bin retorted jokingly. “Of course we’ll be there.”

“Then do you plan on bringing a date to the wedding?” Ji Hoo turned the tables on him. “You have no plans of being the fifth wheel, right?”

“Jae Kyung’s going,” Jun Pyo volunteered. “You can bring her as your date if you want to.”

Woo Bin merely gave them a smug grin. A few rounds of drinks after and he excused himself to go to the men’s room unknowingly leaving his phone on the table. No one seemed to mind until a call came in while he was still out. Yi Jeong checked on the caller ID but the name was unfamiliar.

“Who was it?” Ji Hoo queried noticing Yi Jeong’s puzzled look.

“I don’t know,” he admitted. “It says here ‘Princess’?”

“Princess?” Jun Pyo and Ji Hoo chorused.

“Who’s Princess?” Woo Bin cluelessly joined in the conversation.

Yi Jeong eyed him knowingly. “You tell us. She just called you a few seconds ago.”

Without warning, Woo Bin’s hands swooped across the table and grabbed the phone hurriedly from Yi Jeong’s side. It was a good thing no one figured out that ‘Princess’ referred to Jae Kyung since he had never addressed her by that nickname when they were around friends. Retreating to a corner, he pressed her number on speed dial. She picked up on the fourth ring.

“Hi, where are you?” Woo Bin asked.

“I just finished at the office,” Jae Kyung replied. Sensing his words were somewhat guarded, she continued… “You’re with the guys, aren’t you?”

“Yeah -”

“I’ll hang up now,” she said.

“No it’s okay -”

“They might get a clue.”

“Who cares?”

“I though we agreed about this?” she pleaded.

He sighed. “Alright. I’ll call you when I get home.”

“You too. And don’t drink too much,” Jae Kyung ended on a playful note.

“Aiissshhh, I know that!” he laughed.

Clicking his phone shut, Woo Bin returned to his seat and to the sniggering looks of his friends. They tried fishing for information about his new girl but he wouldn’t budge leaving the guys mystified about her identity.


That weekend, the subject of Ha Jae Kyung’s relationship with Song Woo Bin came up again while Ga Eul was having lunch with Geum Jan Di. Compared to Yi Jeong though, Jan Di was more supportive of her suspicions.

“So you think they’re actually dating?” Jan Di asked.

“I’m not really sure,” Ga Eul replied. “Besides, none of the two has confirmed anything yet… and I don’t think anyone’s noticed though aside from us.”

Jan Di nodded. “You have a point,” she said. “Hold on. Do you think that Jae Kyung and the princess are one and the same?”

“What do you mean?”

“Jun Pyo mentioned that a certain ‘Princess’ called Woo Bin-ya last night while they were at the club,” Jan Di explained. “When the guys asked him about it, he simply refused to comment. But they could tell it was someone he’s currently dating.”

Ga Eul fell silent while trying to recall an instance when she heard that name.

“Jan Di-ya! I think I now recall where I heard him use that name before,” she exclaimed. “Remember when I went to the airport to pick up Jae Kyung-unni? We ran into Woo Bin-sunbae unknowingly and during the course of our conversations he referred to her as ‘Princess Ha’.”

Geum Jan Di blinked at what she had just heard. “Are you sure?” she asked.

Ga Eul answered in the affirmative. They were now starting to put two and two together. Whatever their reasons were, both agreed that Song Woo Bin and Ha Jae Kyung will come clean about their relationship when they’re ready. Until that happens, Jan Di made Ga Eul promise not to meddle since it is not their secret to tell.


“What is it with amusement parks that you have such an aversion to it?” Jae Kyung asked amusingly when she saw Woo Bin’s scrunched up expression.

They were at Lotte World on a Sunday morning; and although Woo Bin wasn’t too enthusiastic about it, he willingly tagged along for his girlfriend’s sake. Jae Kyung loved to pamper her inner child so often. It was no question she loved being around people. He reckoned it must’ve been the effect of growing up as an only child with business tycoons for parents.

“I do not have an aversion to it,” he defended himself. “I’m just not the type who hangs out at these places.”

“Hmmm, okay. But since you promised me we could go wherever I want to, can we just spend the day here?” she pleaded. “Please?”

It was hard to say no to someone who seemed to have the gift of convincing people to do whatever she wants. The moment he agreed, he was then dragged off to the skating rink. Good thing his hockey training came in handy as he was able to keep up with Jae Kyung who was a trained figure skater in her younger years.

Unbeknownst to both, Goo Jun Pyo and Geum Jan Di were in the same premises that very moment. The engaged couple simply wanted to unwind from the hectic wedding preparations which had been taking up most of their time lately. When they passed by the rink, Jun Pyo did a double-take saying he thought he saw someone familiar.

“Jan Di-ya, isn’t that Song Woo Bin over there?” he said, pointing to a fellow at the other end of the rink who had the unmistakeable height and built of his friend.

Jan Di squinted to get a clear look at the subject. “Yeah, I think so. Do you want us to go over and say hello?” They had taken a few steps when she gasped the moment she realized Woo Bin wasn’t alone. Jun Pyo seemed to have caught on because a suprised look was plastered all over his face.

“I don’t believe this,” he exclaimed, laughing at his discovery. “Song Woo Bin and Ha Jae Kyung… who would’ve thought?”

“Well,” Jan Di started. “I think it’s been right under our noses all this time. We were just too daft to notice.” She took his left hand in an attempt to lead him away from the rink. “C’mon, I don’t think now is the right time for us to tell them that we already know.”

He shrugged but made no further complaints as he followed his fiancee who was now walking towards a bookstore recently established in the area.


“Aren’t you going to answer that?” Woo Bin couldn’t help but notice as Jae Kyung’s phone kept ringing every after fifteen minutes since they left the rink. She merely dismissed his observation and proceeded to take out the battery to rid herself of the caller. “Who was that? Your secretary?” he asked.

“No one important,” she replied tersely, her hands unknowingly shaking. Sensing she was bothered by something, he pulled her into a tight hug and pressed a kiss on her forehead right in the middle of a busy square in Lotte World. Jae Kyung’s hands clung to his back desperately seeking solace. She always felt safe in his arms.

“Hey, we’re here to have fun remember?” Woo Bin tried to lift her spirits. “C’mon, maybe some retail therapy would do the trick.”

“How is it that you know when to say the right things to cheer me up?” she asked, leaning on his side as they walked together.

He gave her a mischievous wink. “They don’t call me Don Juan for nothing.”

The next few hours were spent going through every store in the establishment. Jae Kyung seemed to have forgotten about the phone call while Woo Bin appeared to be enjoying himself as well. They were just like any ordinary couple out on a date, oblivious of the crowd they were blending into.

Two hours and ten shopping bags later, the two settled comfortably on the leather couch at the F4’s pad. Both too tired to even grab something to eat because of the busy day they just had. A little chitchat on the sides and soon Jae Kyung had fallen fast asleep snuggled close to Woo Bin, her left cheek resting on his chest. He lost track as to when he exactly dozed off, probably after a few minutes of mindless channel surfing. But it was the image of them both asleep beside each other that shocked the person who came to the pad that evening.

The swift, piercing sound of a vase crashing into pieces woke up the two from their brief slumber. Jae Kyung was quickly on her feet and turned towards the direction where the noise came from. Standing just a few steps from where they were, an expression of utter (albeit pleased) disbelief plastered all over his face was none other than So Yi Jeong.

“Yi Jeong-sshi, what happened?” Jae Kyung asked out of concern. The shards were still scattered around him.

“I… How… Why…” Yi Jeong stammered on. “When?” was all he managed to say in the end.

“We can explain.” Woo Bin said.

He breathed in deeply before he started. It was going to be a long night ahead.


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    evening & thank you for your updates
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    Finally chapter 7! Thanks for the PM!
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