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5 Dec

Thank you to all those who have reviewed and read Chapter 7. I can see some familiar names. It’s nice that you still have an interest in the story. Hopefully you can stick with us once we write our original fiction soon. Chapter 8 is still being written as I post this. I’m crossing my fingers that hopefully it’ll be done sooner than expected. Again, our thanks to all the loyal readers of Accidentally In Love.


New Home!

17 Nov

Welcome to our fic’s new home. We decided to move the site to accomodate the changes we were doing to the story. So sorry if it’s taking us this long to update. Real-life concerns can be somewhat pressing at times. But rest assured, we will see this fic through its end before we proceed with an original story afterwards.

The chapter links for Accidentally In Love can be found on the sidebar. Enjoy reading for those who are still new to the story!

Project Fanfic will now be known as Scribbled Junkie.